Kyra Gordon is a jazz & blues vocalist known for her soulful tone and captivating stage-presence.  Originally from Oakland, CA, Gordon's mischievous and searching spirit comes through both in her songwriting and in her witty stage banter.  As a founding member of the Bay Area hip-hop collective “The Freeze,” she captured audiences with her playful vocal and piano improvisations. Gordon currently plays keyboards and sings lead vocals for the original funk project “Captain Input,”  performs weekly solo shows at San Francisco’s Rite Spot, and lends her talents to indie films. The first vocalist to graduate from the California Jazz Conservatory in Berkeley, Gordon now leads vocal performance courses at her alma mater and teaches music to over 400 students in the Richmond public schools.  Driven by a sense connection to female artists of the 60s and 70s, Gordon is in the midst of creating a new show that will debut at Ashkenaz in March 2018:  “Loving Janis: the music of Janis Ian and Janis Joplin”.  FULL BIO & PRESS PICS > >


"Their songs have been part of the fabric of my life... Both of them being strong female band leaders, facing all of the challenges that come with being a woman in the public eye, have always fascinated and inspired me. As I trod down my own weird and rocky road, I look to them for advice through their voices and artistry"